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Academic Focus Area

MCC grouped similar degree and certificate programs into seven Academic Focus Areas. Choose the Academic Focus Area that best matches your interests or skills. In the Academic Focus Area communities, you will meet your Success Team and explore careers along your educational pathway.


Master the expertise needed to grow or own a business. If you see yourself as a entrepreneur or working for a corporation, this is the Focus Area for you.

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Community and Human Services

Professionals working in community and human services play key roles in educating, protecting, and ensuring the welfare and prosperity of diverse populations in their communities.

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Creative Arts and Design

For students who like to imagine, inspire, perform, produce and appreciate art in all its many forms

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Health Professions

Explore a variety of opportunities in the medical field, from patient care to administrative support. Help others while enjoying the benefits of a rewarding career.

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Information Technology

Gain the valuable skills needed to enter the high demand industry of IT. Learn to design, build, or implement software, mobile and web applications, database systems and communication networks.

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Skilled Trades and Technical Sciences

Use your hands and your mind to design, construct, or repair machines, automobiles, buildings, and more.

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Start here and go anywhere. Find the right combination of classes to make the most of your time and money. The Transfer Center and Navigation Team will help you explore options for your future.

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