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Meetings and Reservations

Metropolitan Community College continues to take sensible steps to keep our College and its four-county area protected as status of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) changes. Following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance on meetings and travel, MCC has suspended requests and use of facilities until further notice.


  • Notify Event Services you are cancelling the event, Ext 29999, This will take care of setup, calendar posting, etc.
  • Notify any presenters, vendors, or those involved in the event
  • Notify invited participants, both those who have RSVP and those who were invited
  • Notify any support services you have arranged such as food and beverage, photographer
  • Discuss any financial questions such as travel, reimbursements, and payments with KT Nelson, Ext. 22739,
  • If your event has sponsorships or private funding, contact MCCF, Amy Recker, Ext 22743,
  • If your event has state or federal funding, contact Terry Knipp, Ext. 22798,
  • Any other questions, contact Event Services, Ext 29999,

Use of College Facilities

Metropolitan Community College has several locations throughout the four-county service area and welcomes community organizations to use our facilities.

Depending on the facility, the College has specific guidelines for the use of the facility including established fees for use.

The Institute for the Culinary Arts (ICA) is the exclusive caterer for all activities in the ICA. No outside food or beverage is allowed within the facility. In addition, College policy does not permit the user to remove leftover food or beverage from the premise following a catered event or activity.

Food policy for all other MCC (non ICA) Locations:

All food served must be procured from a caterer or vendor who has a current health certificate. The certificates must be provided and on file in the Event Services office prior to the scheduled event. This means potlucks are not allowed for public events or events that involve outside participants or students.

The College has an exclusive contract with Pepsi. Non-Pepsi products should not be served at functions within buildings.

Please note that we will ask you to provide a Certificate of Liability and Insurance with MCC as an additional named insured in the coverage amount of $1,000,000 for the duration of your approved activity.

Community users are not allowed to use any College facility or property for any revenue-generating activity of a for-profit individual, organization or entity

Facilities available for use:

Fort Omaha Campus

Institute of Culinary Arts on Fort Omaha Campus

South Omaha Campus

Connector Building on South Omaha Campus

Elkhorn Valley Campus

Front walk of Elkhorn Valley Campus building

Facility Rental and Usage Fees

How to Request the use of an MCC Facility

Check on location and date availability by contacting Event Services at 531-MCC-9999 or by email.

After confirmation on availability and use within established guidelines, all users must submit:

  • Community User Facility Request
  • Hold Harmless Agreement Document
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance

Information and Policies on MCC Facilities

Campus Table Reservations

Reserve a Table

Colleges, non-profit community groups and recognized student organizations may reserve a table in designated Campus Commons areas for the purpose of sharing information. Table Reservation Request Form