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Roy Choi, Food Truck Rebel chef, his quote “I have a fun side and a serious side.”

Roy Choi


More about Roy Choi from The Moth
LA Weekly - The Korean Taco Justice League
-Kogi Rolls in L.A.

b. Seoul, South Korea 1970

Restaurants & Trucks

  • Kogi Korean BBQ | Venice + LA Sunny Spot
  • LA Best Friend | Park MGM, The Strip. Las Vegas
  • Local | LA


  •  L.A. Son: My Life, My City, My Food


  • Broken Bread
  • The Chef Show
  • Appearance - Ugly Delicious. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Reference Materials On Display

  • Book - L.A. Son
  • Image - Twitter Feed
  • Product - Jar of Kim Chi

Additional Resource

American regional Cuisines - Food Culture and Cooking | Chapter 7 The Mexican Border