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Password Reset Information

Students and staff can access computers and multiple online services at the College using a single username and password.

Password Reset Instructions

Password Policy Changes Effective 7/1/2024
Students, please log in to MyHub for more information.
Faculty and Staff will find details on Unity.

Please review the following documents for further understanding. If you have more questions, please call lT Support Services at 531-622-2900.

OPTION 1 - I know my username

  • Use this option to change/reset your password or unlock your account.
  • Click on the Need help signing in? link below the Sign In button, then click on the link for Forgot password or Unlock account.
Example Screen
Screen showing Sign In button with Need Help Signing In link directly below

If you do not know your username, you must start with Option 2.

OPTION 2 - I don't know my username or password

If these options do not work, please call IT Support Services at 531-622-2900 for assistance.